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high speed rural internet . locally owned 


Sunday Drive


Ideal for basic internet surfing, the occasional video streaming, checking email and listening to music.

Full Throttle


Our most popular package, perfect for the busy family on the go or people who work from home.  Households with kids and multiple users streaming video simultaneously, as well as online gaming and file downloading.



As fast as it gets.  This package is for multiple simultaneous hardcore internet users.  It’s ideal for 4K video streaming. Very large file transfers and overall just awesomeness!



Leap Communications is a South Dakota-based company that was founded in 2016 as a fixed wireless internet service provider based out of Parker, South Dakota.  The company was created with one thing in mind, create a reliable, cutting-edge, high-speed network to provide an “In-town” internet experience to rural customers, regardless of where they choose to live. Both the founders of the company moved from the city to the beautiful South Dakota countryside and immediately noticed that something needed to be done to improve one of the necessities of our modern day lives.  That’s how Leap Communications was born.  Our goal is to constantly strive for greatness by continually reinvesting in our infrastructure, to provide the absolute best service possible.  We’re continually implementing new technology solutions, which means your service won’t get worse as the network grows, but most likely get even better!


We here at Leap Communications really set out to change the thinking of what an internet service provider should be.  We didn’t want to be another one of “those guys” providing “normal” internet service with a cookie-cutter network.  We know people are tired of being “forced” to use subpar providers that have no desire to improve or care of the user’s experience.  That’s why we set out to be different.  We want to be the service everyone is talking about for all of the right reasons, not the service everyone is complaining about.  Come along with us on this journey and never look back!



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