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high-speed rural internet . locally owned 

Experience Lightning Fast Internet with Fusion Fiber™

Building for the future - Regardless of where you live!

Leap Communications has built a cutting-edge 100% fiber optic network to provide the fastest and most reliable internet available today.  We started from scratch - reimagining what reliable high-speed internet looks like, today and well into the future!  What this means for you is latest tech and the quality you've come to expect.  Choosing to live outside of city limits doesn't have to mean living without great internet - we're bringing fiber internet to you!  Leap Communications was founded on the principles of providing an "in-town" internet experience to our neighbors who choose to live in the scenic plains of South Dakota - now we're redefining the "in-town" experience for the future!

No Contracts • No Data Caps • Straight Forward Pricing

Say HELLO to whole-home Wi-Fi and GOODBYE to buffering


Wi-Fi In Every Corner of Your Home

We'll install and configure a new router and assist you with setting up your devices, making sure you have a seamless experience throughout your entire home.

Worry-free Wi-Fi

Not up to speed with the latest tech - No Problem! We take care of everything for you. Installation. Maintenance. Updates. Support. We do it all, to ensure you have a stress-free experience.

Complete Control

The Leap Communications app for your iPhone or Android device gives you complete control over your Wi-Fi network.  From changing passwords, adding a guest network or restricting certain websites to ensure a child-safe internet experience; it's all at the tip of your fingers.  

Fusion Fiber™ Endless Possibilities​​

  • 4K Video Streaming Stream all of the latest HD and 4K videos with ease!

  • Virtual Reality and Gaming Lowest latency and fastest speeds ensure you get the most of out of all of the latest video games and VR headsets.

  • Full Family Streaming Have multiple people in your family? Fusion Fiber™ gives you enough bandwidth to allow everyone to stream their favorite shows at the same time.

  • Remote Work and Video Calling Gone are the days of dropped video calls in meetings. Say hello to crystal clear calls, beautiful video and ultimate productivity while working from home.

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Fusion Fiber™ FAQs

Reliable Internet Period • Locally Owned


Year Established



Data Caps


Satisfaction Guaranteed
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