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Rural High-Speed Internet

Leap Communications Coverage Area

Choosing to live outside of city limits doesn't have to mean living without great internet.  Leap Communications was founded on the principles of providing an "In-town" internet experience to people who choose to live in the scenic plains of South Dakota.

With Leap Communications unlimited High-Speed internet, you can now enjoy all the streaming, online gaming, video conferencing and remote learning that we've all come to rely on, without having to worry about hidden fees or data overages.



As fast as it gets!  This package is for multiple hardcore internet users.  Very large file transfers and overall just awesomeness!


99 / mo




Perfect for the busy family on-the-go or people working from home.  Households with kids remote learning and multiple users streaming simultaneously.


99 / mo



Need a little bit more? We've got you covered!  4K video is no problem here, along with those intense gaming sessions.


99 / mo



Ideal for basic internet surfing, occasional video streaming, checking email and listening to music.


99 / mo


*Not all services available in all areas



How does fixed wireless work?

Leap Communications utilizes the latest in fixed wireless communications technology to connect your home or business to our network. Unlike satellite, our transmission equipment is installed on towers across the countryside, which is what connects your home or business to the Leap Communications Network.

How is Fixed Wireless different than Satellite?

Satellite internet uses a large antenna on your roof to bounce signals off of a satellite, then down to earth, then back up to the satellite and finally back to your home or business. These thousands of miles of travel, adds considerable latency. This makes your connection feel extremely slow and presents many challenges for gaming, IP phone systems and other activities. Leap Communications uses a land-based fixed wireless communications network WE built. What this means for you, is extremely fast speeds with ridiculously low latency.

Can I get your service at my house?

Take a look at the Communities Served page, give us a call or fill out the Contact form to find out. If you don't see your area, rest assured that we’re constantly expanding and growing our network.

Do you offer home phone service or television service?

No, we feel that by focusing on one thing, we’re able to do that thing exceptionally well vs. providing everything and only doing each OK. There are many established internet-based phone and TV streaming services to choose from that each do an exceptional job. Pairing those with your Leap Communications internet connection gets you, the customer, the best of all worlds.

What does a typical installation look like?

To be able to receive our service, our professional installers will install a small antenna on the outside of the house (smaller than a satellite TV dish). They then discretely run a cable from that antenna into your house. We don’t like ugly cables draped all over the outside of our house any more than you do, so we do our best to hide our work. Once it’s cabled into the house, it’s simply connected to a power supply that we provide. From there you just plug your existing wireless router into that same power supply and you’re up and running! No need to change wireless settings on all of your devices or update usernames and passwords; all of your existing setup remains untouched.

Is there an installation fee?

Standard installation, which includes providing the antenna, power supply, mounting equipment, cables and professional installation is a one-time fee of $99.

Do I have to buy/lease the equipment or provide a deposit?

No, we provide all equipment free of charge, as well as maintain that equipment at our cost. If you don't have a wireless home router, we offer one for $7/month.

Do I have to sign up for a contract?

No, we like to keep things as simple as possible and we’re confident you’ll love the service we provide, so this means no contracts! You simply pay month-by-month.

How do I pay my bill?

We offer a number of different payment options to make it as easy as possible. We offer automatic payment options such as ACH bank transfers and recurring credit and debit card payments. You can easily manage your payments through our Customer Portal.

Your competition is "cheaper", why is that?

It could be any number of reasons, but it’s most commonly because they are offering you an introductory rate, while simultaneously locking you into a long-term contract. To us, that’s a dishonest business tactic and insinuates that they need to “lock you in” to keep you from leaving their service. We do our best, day in and day out, to make sure you’re always 100% satisfied with our service. Many providers like to advertise a very low rate, but then hit you additional fees. We caution you to make sure you read the fine print on these services; many have hidden fees, such as, surcharges, mandatory monthly equipment rental fees, computer support fees and overages. These additions can drastically increase your monthly bill; sometimes up to 4x the published rate.

Is your service better/faster than XYZ company?

We're committed to building the best network, to provide the best service, using the latest technologies available. Others may advertise “Best” “Fastest” “Most Reliable” but we prefer to speak with our actions, by letting you try the service for yourself. We think you’ll be pleased with the service we offer.


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